SMT Component Rack, Intelligent SMT Component Storage Rack, MSD Storage

Neo Light Series

Neo Light is an intelligent component rack designed to assist in picking and putting away electronic components. It can handle a variety of work orders and job lists and can be used for piece picking, case picking, and kitting orders, as well as refilling requests for pick and place machines. It aims to make the process more efficient and intelligent.

smt component rack

Neo Light PTL

Neo Light PTL is an intelligent SMT component rack solution. It utilizes Pick to Light technology to guide users for SMT components picking/putting.

smt component rack

Neo Light Plus

Neo Light PLUS is an enhanced SMT reel storage rack solution. Neo Light Plus equips location sensors for material added/removed detection. It can further save time for location verification of SMT material picking/putting operation.

smt component rack

Neo Light Mobile

Neo Light Mobile is your SMT component storage rack with a mobility feature. It can transport SMD materials to the production line while keeping real-time inventory information even during the move.

smt component rack

Neo Light Mobile Plus

Neo Light Mobile Plus is your mobile SMT component storage rack. The system comes with location sensors for close loop control. We can place it near-production area.

smt stencil storage

Neo Light Stencil

Neo Light Stencil is designed for SMT stencil storage. She works with Enhanced Pick to Light technology to guide users for SMT stencil storage and retrieval.

smt component rack

Neo Light MBB

Neo Light MBB is designed for SMT tray/PCB with MBB( Moisture Barrier Bag). IPC specified MSL control can be traced by SMF software