SMT Component Rack, Intelligent SMT Component Storage Rack, MSD Storage

Neo Light Series

Neo Light: The smart SMT component rack enhances picking, placing, and refilling for electronics, optimizing work orders, kitting, and case picking. Boost efficiency intelligently.

smt component rack

Neo Light

Neo Light PTL is a smart SMT component rack that uses Pick to Light technology for easy component picking and placing.

smt component rack

Neo Light Plus

Neo Light PLUS: Advanced SMT reel rack with sensors for material tracking, speeds up picking/placing.

smt component rack

Neo Light Mobile

Neo Light Mobile: Mobile SMT storage rack, transports SMDs to production, keeps real-time inventory.

smt component rack

Neo Light Mobile Plus

Neo Light Mobile Plus: Mobile SMT rack with location sensors for precise control, ideal for near production.

smt stencil storage

Neo Light Stencil

Neo Light Stencil: SMT stencil storage with Enhanced Pick to Light tech for easy storage and retrieval.

smt component rack

Neo Light MBB

Neo Light MBB: For SMT trays/PCBs with Moisture Barrier Bags, featuring IPC MSL control traceable by SMF software.