Inbound station, Incoming Material Registration

Neotel recognizes the challenges manufacturers face in receiving materials. Speed and accuracy are crucial to meet production goals. Important information like manufacturer ID, part number, and lot number must be applied reliably, regardless of material shape, size, or surface. Poor labeling leads to waste and downtime. Whether you need semi- or fully automated solutions, Neotel has the expertise to implement smart material receiving systems tailored to your needs. This increases throughput, reduces costs, and minimizes waste or errors.

incoming material station


Neo Scan enhances the manual SMT material receiving process by recognizing specific supplier material codes in 1D/2D formats. It efficiently extracts useful fields for unique material identification, streamlining manual systems.

incoming material station


Neo Scan Plus automates the SMT material receiving and relabeling processes, efficiently managing batch SMT reels. It is AGV compatible, optimizing your automated system.