Software suited for smart material handling

Smart Material Flow

SMF (Smart Material Flow) is a software suite that manages and optimizes the flow of materials in the SMT production process. It helps to control inventory levels, track real-time inventory, automate reordering and integrate with other systems such as ERP and MES. 


Visualize JIT inventory management, optimize production, minimize waste.

Work Order

Performing specific tasks, materials, for assembling SMT circuit boards.


Ensure sufficient components, prevent stockouts, and optimize production efficiency.


Keep tracking potential moisture damage during storage and production floor.


Gathering all electronic components for SMT assembly line production


Replenishment ensures components are available to maintain production flow.

Retrieval Method

Crucial for efficient access and organization of components:FIFO, LILF,etc


Efficient material handling in warehouse automation and reducing labour costs.


Seamless communication improves efficiency and real-time monitoring.