mobile reel rack
mobile reel rack
mobile reel rack



Neo Light Mobile Plus

Neo Light Mobile  Plus is your SMT mobile reel rack for SMT component storage. It is specifically designed to hold, and supply surface mount technology (SMT) reels to a production line. Its compact and mobile design allows Neo Light Mobile Plus to be easily moved around the production facility.

Mobile reel rack

Neo Light Mobile Plus is designed for easy SMT material transport. Its compact design also helps users to locate it close to the SMT production line. With the help of Neo Light Mobile Plus, the operator easily gets the right SMD material for the right feeder.

Just in time delivery

The compact design and mobility of Neo Light Mobile allow it to be positioned close to SMT production line, making it easy to access the SMT reels when needed. This can help minimise downtime and improve the efficiency of the production process by ensuring that the materials are readily available when needed.

Pick to light

  • Work order/Job creation from MES
  • Location LED indication
  • Material picking
  • Location sensor detects material removed and update inventory information to software

Random putaway

Neo Light Mobile Plus features an AI-based location sensor that can detect when materials are being put into or picked from the rack. The sensor allows users to randomly put SMT reels into the rack without following a specific order or placement. This can make the process of storing and organising SMT reels more efficient and streamlined

SMF software

Neo Light Mobile Plus is powered by SMF software. SMF: Smart Material Flow is the software suite from Neotel Technology for controlling and automating electronic materials. It can cover all your materials needs: Materials receiving, Automated material storage/retrieval system, AGV control, Component counting, Kitting, etc


  • User can work with a computer or PDA, to input material information into the software. This may involve creating a BOM list, assigning each component a unique identifier or barcode
  • When it is time to assemble a kit, the system will present the right location of the materials to the user in the correct order. 
  • The user can then pick the components from the designated locations within the rack and use them to assemble the kit.


SMT reel splicing is the process of joining two reels together. The process requires operator to get the right reel immediately then join the new one to the existing reel in the pick and place. Neo Light Mobile Plus can work with Pick and place machine knowing the component usage then present the correct lospecialisedthe reel without search work from the user.


Control movement of electronics components in and out wherever stored at Neo Light/SMD BOX family. High data grain level material check-in/check-out time, work order reference, automated process start/end time, etc.


Make smarter decisions with real-time dynamic reports that you can save and share with anyone. Keep key information at your fingertips with custom dashboards

Software integratoin

Smart Material Flow software seamlessly integrates your existing pick and place machine, IT system, ERP/SCM/MES/WMS. Users could get feeders’ accurate time component usage information through our advanced Connectivity service. The right SMD component, suitable feeder, and time are becoming possible!


  • Near SMT production material supply
  • Easy SMT material transport in the facility
  • No time waste on material searching
  • SMT reel added/removed detection
  • Minimized operation error by random putting
  • Work Order/Job List driven SMT reel storage
  • Real-time inventory information, even material in the move!