smt stencil storage
smt stencil storage
smt stencil storage

SMT Stencil Storage,Intelligent SMT Stencil Storage Rack Solutions



Printing is a critical process for SMT production. Neo Light Stencil is designed for SMT stencil storage. Neo Light Stencil work with Enhanced Pick to Light technology for better control and manage SMT stencil.


  • The user scans SMT stencil ID
  • Location LED turned on and indicate operator for location
  • The user put the stencil in the position.
  • Location sensor detect and verify SMT stencil putting process completed
  • Stencil storage info. updated to user system: MES/ERP likes


  • Stencil picking order creation
  • Location LED turned to indicate operator for stencil location
  • User picking SMT stencil
  • Location sensor verify picking process completed and updated to software

Pick to Light

Pick to light (PTL) is a modern picking technology for electronics manufacturers that utilizes intelligent lights on storage racks or shelves to indicate locations and guide users through whatever SMT stencil check-in/out, work order process, etc.


Smart Material Flow software help Neo Light Stencil seamless integration to your existing IT system, ERP/SCM/MES/WMS. SMT stencil storage information could updated in realtime. Through our advanced Connectivity service users could also connect external equipment, robot, etc.


Traceability is becoming important in electronics manufacturing. Control movement of electronics components wherever processed in the production line or stored at Neo Light Stencil. High data grain level material is achieved with the help of traceability module in SMF. Stencil ID, printing process could be stored in the database for future verification. The traceability module in SMF system meets with IPC-1782(Standard for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Traceability of Electronic Products)

SMF software

Neo Stencil is powered by SMF: Smart Material Flow software that controls and automates electronics materials flow on the floor level.