tht assembly
tht assembly
tht assembly

Intelligent THT assembly station, Standardized component assembly procedure


What is Neo Station?

Neo Station can transform your manual assembly into smart manufacturing needs. For low volume, high mix PCB assembly still needs manual operation, with the help of Neo Station, the operator can increase efficiency, accuracy with smart THT assembly station.


How does it work?

Neo Station can recognize PCB assembly programming by RFID or barcode. Assembly process and notice will appear on the screen. Component position the PCB will be projected and users can see where they need to place the component.

Result verification

With the built-in optical inspection (AOI) system, users can easily identify the defects in specific area. The more data you collect, the easier it is to continuously improve. With the help of AOI Neo station know exactly when and how each individual part is placed throughout the whole assembly process.

Hands tracking

hands tracking in tht assembly process With AI based vision system Neo Station enable hands tracking in the assembly process

Paperless instruction

Using image and video-based assembly instructions, your employees deliver highest quality and efficiency regardless of skills, language or qualifications. Integrated AOI make self-testing possible.

Best Practice

The innovative way for learning is through enhanced learning. Set up your new employee for success by using intuitive work instruction based system. It’s as simple as showing them how to use the software one time.Providing ongoing and frequent communication about the latest best practices boosts efficiency and closes the skills gap

1D/2D code

Start your assembly processes via by scanning a 1D/2D code on your products. The linked assembly process programming will be loaded.

Lean manufacturing

Document key actions to avoid errors.Facilitate knowledge transfer between your members.Make training new team members more efficient.Drive consistency and clarity.

Assembly process standardized

Digital component assembly instruction is viuslized. It is simple to understand and easy to follow.  Internal knowledge transfer is becoming easy. 


High data grain level operation is achieved with the help of traceability module in Neo Station software. Component ID, image could be stored in database for future verification.


  • Accuracy: Projector-guided assembly allows for precise and accurate placement of components, reducing the risk of errors or defects.
  • Efficiency: Projector-guided assembly can significantly improve the speed and efficiency of the assembly process, as it eliminates the need for manual alignment and positioning of components.
  • Flexibility: Projector-guided assembly systems can be easily reconfigured to accommodate different products or assembly processes.
  • Quality control: Projector-guided assembly can be used as part of a quality control process to ensure that components are correctly positioned and aligned.