Neotel SMD BOX vs. Pallet Systems from Essegi: A Comparative Insight


In the dynamic realm of the electronics industry, every second and every square inch counts. As businesses race to enhance their operations, the technologies they adopt become instrumental in shaping their trajectory. A pivotal aspect of this is the storage and management of SMT reels. This article contrasts Neotel Technology’s avant-garde SMD Box with the […]

Understanding Traceability and Its Importance in Product Safety and Quality Control

deliveryman scanning the barcode

What is Traceability Traceability is an essential aspect of product safety, quality control, and regulatory compliance, particularly in industries such as food and pharmaceuticals. The ability to track the history, location, and/or application of a product or process from its origin to its current state involves documenting and recording the flow of materials, components, or […]

Automating Your Solder Paste Handling Process with SMD BOX SP


As electronics production becomes increasingly complex, the demand for efficient and accurate processes is growing. To meet this demand, many companies are turning to automated systems to handle the handling and application of solder paste, one of the most critical components in electronics production. One such solution is the SMD BOX SP, an advanced solder […]

Next Level Automation: How WES Can Revolutionize Your SMT inventory Operations

black laptop computer turned on showing computer codes

When managing the flow of materials in a warehouse, you’ve got two main options: WMS and WES. WMS WMS, or Warehouse Management System, is like the all-in-one software package for running a warehouse. It’s got everything you need to keep track of inventory levels, handle orders, and manage the flow of goods in and out […]

The Inline X-Ray Component Counter: The Next Step in SMT Inventory Automation

x-ray component counter

Introduction As technology continues to advance, so too do the tools and processes used in the manufacturing industry. One such development is the inline X-ray component counter, which utilizes X-ray technology to accurately count and verify the number of components on a circuit board. How does the X-ray component counter help you? Inline X-ray component […]

Meeting the MSD Challenge: A Breakdown of the IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B.1 Requirement

smt reel storage system:SMD BOX MIMO

Moisture-sensitive devices (MSDs) are electronic devices that are sensitive to the presence of moisture and can be easily damaged by them. These devices include but are not limited to, integrated circuits, semiconductors, and other electronic components. The proper management of MSDs is crucial for ensuring they function correctly and have a long lifespan. This article […]

Take Control of Your Incoming Materials with Neo Scan: The All-in-One Solution

Incoming material registration

Neo Scan is a powerful and efficient incoming material registration solution developed by Neotel Technology. It is designed to streamline the tracking and identification of incoming materials by generating unique 2D IDs for each item. The system is compatible with barcodes generated by various suppliers and can handle a wide range of formats.

SMD Component Sizes Decoded: Imperial vs Metric Code

close up photography of dell motherboard

Are you navigating the complexities of SMD component size? This article will compare Imperial and Metric codes and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. We’ll look at a range of components from 01005 to 5050 and explore new technologies driving the trend towards smaller components.