Hawkeye 2000


Hawkeye 2000 X-ray Component Counter

The Hawkeye 2000 X-ray Component Counter, developed by Techvalley, revolutionizes SMD component counting with unparalleled accuracy and speed. This cutting-edge device supports efficient inventory management through automatic counting and ERP/MES integration, capable of detecting and counting various components like diodes, capacitors, and resistors. It features a user-friendly touch screen interface, safety measures against radiation leakage, and compatibility with automatic barcode reading. Ideal for reducing SMT line downtime, the Hawkeye 2000 stands out for its high accuracy and integration capabilities, ensuring a reliable counting process.

Neotel Xray Counter result
Neotel Xray Counter result

Techvalley History

2020: Developed an automated in-line CT (Computed Tomography) Inspection System for production lines, emphasizing high inspection accuracy, repeatability, and speed, with user-friendly AI software.
2019: Upgraded the world’s first developed automated X-ray Chip Counter (2013), enhancing its capability to inspect 4 reels simultaneously and handle various packaging materials.
2018: Created an In-Line Automated X-ray Inspection System with Dual Tubes, allowing multi-dimensional inspection and faster processing.
2017: Optimized the In-Line Automated X-ray Inspection System for varied performance and size, catering to different user samples.
2016-2015: Introduced innovative inspection systems, including the AXI/2.5D System and Korea’s first Portable X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) device.
2014-2000: TechValley made significant strides in automated X-ray inspection systems, X-ray generators, and digital X-ray CT systems for various applications, marking firsts in Korea and, in some cases, the world.
1997: Launched the world’s first Portable Digital X-ray Fluoroscopy Equipment, winning several accolades.

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