How to Understand the JUKI and Essegi Automation Partnership


JUKI and Essegi Automation: A Strategic Equity Partnership

JUKI Corporation, based in Tokyo, and ESSEGI AUTOMATION S.r.l. (EA) from Italy, have united in a significant equity partnership. On July 31, 2019, JUKI agreed to buy 49% of EA, launching a joint venture to transform intelligent storage solutions.

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A History of Collaboration

The alliance between JUKI, Essegi Automation, and ESSEGI SYSTEM SERVICE S.r.l. (ESS) isn’t new. Their collaboration in sales, service, and manufacturing aims to drive growth in the intelligent storage market.

The Goal: SMT-Plant Automation

Their partnership focuses on full SMT-Plant automation, combining JUKI’s technology with Essegi Automation’s intelligent storage solutions for groundbreaking advances.

Key Acquisition Milestones

The deal was struck on July 31, 2019, with JUKI initially buying 46.399% of EA and then an additional 2.601%, achieving a 49% stake by the end of September 2019.

Essegi Foundation and Leadership

EA was established in May 2019, following a demerger from ESS. Located in Vicenza, Italy, it’s led by CEO Matteo Padoan, continuing a strong history of collaboration with JUKI.

Expanding Global Outreach

Since 2013, JUKI has distributed EA’s intelligent storage systems globally, later securing exclusive rights in Japan and other key Asian markets.

This pivotal partnership between JUKI and Essegi Automation is poised to lead the intelligent storage solutions sector towards innovative heights and global expansion.

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