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Scienscope International, headquartered in California, USA, is a prominent provider of inspection solutions tailored for the electronics and PCB industries. With over three decades of experience and a global presence, Scienscope has significantly contributed to advancing inspection technology since its inception in 1994. Initially starting with microscopes, the company has expanded its portfolio to include X-ray inspection systems since 2000 and later introduced X-ray component counters and innovative material management systems like the Incoming Material Station and the Smart Rack.

Scienscope’s Offerings:

X-Ray Inspection Systems:

Scienscope offers high-definition X-ray cabinet systems featuring advanced and user-friendly software tools. These systems are designed to meet a broad range of x-ray inspection needs with an exceptional performance-to-price ratio.

Component Management Solutions:

The company’s automation division provides sophisticated component management systems, encompassing automatic barcode scanning, X-ray component counting, and smart reel rack storing. These systems are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing MES systems, enhancing inventory control and management.

Optical Inspection:

Scienscope’s range of stereo zoom binocular and trinocular microscopes, equipped with cutting-edge camera technology, facilitates easy and efficient quality inspection and documentation processes.

Component Management Solution

Scienscope revolutionizes component management with its cutting-edge products, making material handling to storage and counting seamless and automated. Here’s a concise analysis of their innovative offerings:

  1. IMS-100 (Semi-Automatic): The IMS-100 simplifies incoming materials handling. Its advanced camera reads even flawed barcodes, streamlining relabeling and reducing errors.
  2. IMS-200 (Fully Automatic): An upgrade to IMS-100, the IMS-200 fully automates materials handling and relabeling. It’s unique, AGV-compatible, and error-proof.
  3. Smart Rack for Reels: This system ensures 100% traceability for reels with its sensor-based, customizable design. It supports UPS, Wi-Fi, and ERP integration.
  4. Smart Rack for Stencils: Aimed at stencil inventory management, this rack supports ERP integration and connects with stencil cleaning equipment for optimal usage.
  5. AXC-800 III (Manual): Enhances inventory management with accurate component counting and barcode scanning for traceability, minimizing errors.
  6. AXC-800 III Plus (Semi-Automatic): Tailored for high-volume reels, this device automates counting and labeling, boosting accuracy and reducing manual effort.
  7. AXI-5100c III (Fully Automatic): The epitome of automated X-ray counting, this system offers AGV integration, enhancing efficiency and reducing downtime.

Scienscope’s line-up exemplifies their commitment to streamlining component management with automation and precision. Each product is designed for ease, accuracy, and innovation, solidifying Scienscope’s role in advancing the electronics industry.

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