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Overview of Inovaxe Corporation

Founded in 2007, Inovaxe Corporation stands at the forefront of innovative material handling technologies for the electronics manufacturing industry. The company’s inception was driven by a commitment to provide scalable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of electronics producers.


Inovaxe focuses on providing smart storage solutions for SMT (Surface Mount Technology) reels, highlighting the efficiency and space-saving features of their products. Inovaxe offers a range of smart storage solutions designed to optimize space usage and improve part retrieval times in electronics manufacturing environments. Their products include smart storage carts and racks that can store hundreds of reels per square foot, enabling quick access to parts. These solutions are integrated with innovative software for enhanced control and visibility, supporting seamless integration with third-party systems like MES or ERP. The page details various product series, including the IA Series, SR Series, and SREX Series, each designed for specific storage needs and capacities. Additionally, Inovaxe emphasizes its commitment to streamlining material handling and accuracy in the electronics manufacturing sector, positioning itself as a provider of comprehensive production and inventory management solutions.


Inovaxe’s smart solutions for managing moisture-sensitive devices (MSDs) and stencils, focusing on improving storage and handling in electronics manufacturing. The solutions are designed to prevent micro-cracking during reflow by effectively managing humidity and enhancing component traceability.

InoAuto Smart MSD Cart: This solution maintains low humidity (<5% RH) to safely store MSL Components, adhering to the J-STD-033B standard for managing humidity levels of MSDs. It features a digital display for monitoring temperature and relative humidity, and its desiccant dryer system circulates dry air to maintain optimal humidity levels. The cart is equipped with InoAuto MSD Tracking software for real-time humidity monitoring and automatic tracking of components’ floor life, ensuring full traceability of transactions.

Smart Stencil Rack: Designed for efficient storage and retrieval of solder stencils, this rack can accommodate two rows of stencils, configurable for standard or space-saver sizes. It features sensors and LEDs at each location for easy identification and tracking of stencils, streamlining the storage and retrieval process to under 10 seconds. The rack is compatible with Inovaxe’s software solutions, facilitating seamless integration with other smart storage solutions and customer software systems through a flexible API.

Both solutions aim to streamline material handling and improve accuracy in the electronics manufacturing process, offering features like real-time humidity level monitoring, efficient storage and retrieval systems, and powerful auditing and traceability capabilities. These innovations underscore Inovaxe’s commitment to providing advanced material handling solutions that address key operational challenges in the electronics manufacturing industry.


IA Series

Think of the IA Series as a clever cart that doesn’t just hold electronic reels; it knows exactly where everything is. It even lights up to show what you need for a project. This means you can fit more stuff in your workspace and find things quicker, which makes your job much easier.

Smart MSD Storage

This one’s for the parts that hate water. The Smart MSD Storage keeps them safe, showing humidity and temperature right on a screen. It’s a brilliant way to keep those delicate parts in top condition.

Custom Inventory Solutions

Inovaxe really shines because they understand not everyone’s needs are the same. Their Custom Inventory Solutions mean that whether you’re working with machines or by hand, they’ve got something that’ll fit just right for you.

SR Series Smart Rack

Need to store things flexibly? The SR Series Smart Rack has got you covered. It’s a shelf unit that you can tweak to hold reels of different sizes, or even other items like tubes or trays. It’s designed to help you make the most of your space.

InoAuto Locator Software and InoView Software

It’s not all about the physical products. Inovaxe has some slick software too. The InoAuto Locator Software and InoView Software help you keep track of everything easily. Managing all your components becomes simple.

Smart Stencil Rack and Smart Cart

These are some of Inovaxe’s clever tools. They save room and make it super simple to pick up what you need without having to hunt around. This means less time wasted searching for parts and more time spent on what’s really important.

Inovaxe Corporation is a technology company that specializes in developing innovative material handling solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. The company was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing cost-effective, efficient, and scalable solutions that meet the evolving needs of electronics manufacturers. Inovaxe’s products are used in a variety of applications, including the storage and transportation of electronic components and the management of production lines. Inovaxe is headquartered in Milpitas, California, and has a global presence, with sales and service offices in several countries around the world.

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smart rack



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