SMD BOX SP G2: Automatic solder paste handling solution


Dear customer,

We couldn’t be happier to welcome SMD BOX SP G2 into the Neotel Technology SMD BOX family.

But what is SMD BOX SP G2? SMD BOX SP G2 is an automatic solder paste handling solution. Solder paste plays a critical role in the SMT process and keeping its original character is essential. Correctly handling will reduce waste and eliminate the process risk.

You may have heard about such solutions before, but we assure you that SMD BOX SP G2 is one of a kind.

Bold statement? Just look at the benefits that SMD BOX SP G2 brings!

Benefit 1:Automation

All these steps(Refrigeration storing,Ambient Temp.area storing,Solder paste Mixing) are automated with SMD BOX SP G2. It employs a camera to read the barcode information as the first step, then extracting the necessary information like manufacturing date, part number and others then the software will allocate them into Cooling Area with the help of automation mechanics. 

Benefit 2: Batch Process

User can simply place some solder paste into the loading port and leave the handling job to SMD BOX SP. Retrieval work is done in batch way. Input required solder paste quantity and time to release you will get the right material at right time.

Benefit 3 : Connectivity

SMD BOX SP is powered by Smart Material Flow software which provides seamless integration to your existing IT system, ERP/SCM/MES/WMS. Through our advanced Connectivity service users could get real-time solder paste usage information from the receipt stage.

Benefit 4: Traceability

Solder paste character plays important role in the printing process and finished PCBA quality. SMD BOX SP, an automated solder paste handling solution, automates every step of the solder paste handling process. IPC level4 traceability is achievable.

Pretty convincing, huh? You have to test our SMD BOX SP G2 to learn about its full potential.


Neotel Technology

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