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1D code 1D codes, also known as linear or one-dimensional codes, are barcodes consisting of parallel lines of varying widths and spaces. They can store a relatively small amount of data, typically just a few digits or characters, and are typically scanned using a laser scanner Commonly used 1D code formats: Universal Product Code (UPC): […]

Unlocking the Secrets of Inventory Terminology: A Beginner’s Guide

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Learn about stock level management & the various methods used to manage inventory such as reorder point, lead time, safety stock, carrying cost & bill of materials. Utilizing stock management tools such as ABC analysis, FIFO/LIFO, FEFO, stock adjustment, stock valuation and audit, as well as pull/push systems, barcode scanning and gross margin return on investment (GMROI), efficiently control inventory levels. Understand stockless management, planning, procurement and distribution for optimal results.

The SMT Industry Abbreviation: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the Technology

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Explore the world of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly using Surface-Mount Technology (SMT) components like BGA, QFN, SOIC, TQFP, and more. Understand terminology like Panel Array, Solder Paste, Reflow, ICT, and ESD. Learn how to design for manufacturability and testability while staying compliant with RoHS and lead-free regulations.

Koh Young

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Koh Young Technology is a global leader in 3D measurement and inspection solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry, meeting the highest quality standards with cutting-edge R&D and comprehensive support services. Founded in 1996 by CEO Kyung-In Koh, the company is committed to staying ahead of industry trends.

Panasonic pick and place machine

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Panasonic pick and place machine is well-known in the industry. They offer a wide range of SMT equipment, including pick-and-place machines, screen printers, and automatic inspection systems.

ASMPT: Intelligent Material Tower

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ASM Pacific Technology (ASMPT), a company steeped in the semiconductor and microelectronics industry, specializes in designing, manufacturing, and selling equipment like material tower and materials used in this field. Offering a wide range of products and services, from wafer processing equipment to surface mount technology (SMT) equipment and materials for semiconductor packaging, ASMPT has something […]


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A Legacy of Innovation JUKI, established in 1938 in Japan, has become a pivotal player in the Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment market. Their commitment to innovation and quality has made them a trusted name in electronics manufacturing. Revolutionizing Electronics Assembly JUKI specializes in providing essential equipment for assembling electronic devices, including pick-and-place machines, reflow […]

10 things about IPC APEX EXPO

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IPC APEX EXPO IPC APEX EXPO is an annual event that is organized by the IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries). It is a trade show that focuses on the electronics manufacturing industry, and it brings together professionals from around the world to share knowledge and best practices, network with their peers, and learn about new […]

Internet of Things (IoT)

As we enter the modern industrial age of Industry 4.0, technology has drastically changed the landscape of manufacturing. Whereas humans once had to perform every technical step of the manufacturing process, many tools are now “smart” enough to run pretty independently. These tools are most often spread throughout the industrial environment or as components in […]

Just-In-Time (JIT) Production

Just-in-Time production is a practice within lean manufacturing that makes items “just” at the time demand requires, and not for surplus inventory; its purpose is waste minimization. KEY TAKEAWAYS Demand-driven instead of inventory-driven Eliminating surplus eliminates waste and cost Key aspect of lean manufacturing and TPS JIT’s Origins: Toyota Production System or Lean Manufacturing? Just-in-time […]