Take Control of Your Incoming Materials with Neo Scan: The All-in-One Solution


Neo Scan is a powerful and efficient incoming material registration system developed by Neotel Technology. It is designed to streamline the tracking and identification of incoming materials by generating unique 2D IDs for each item. The system is compatible with barcodes generated by various suppliers and can handle a wide range of formats.

With Neo Scan, businesses can improve inventory management, increase accuracy and efficiency, and reduce human error. It is a versatile, cost-effective solution that can easily integrate existing systems and processes.

The system helps businesses to register incoming materials by assigning each item a unique 2D identification number. When an item is received, the barcode can be scanned using Neo Scan, which generates a 2D ID. This ID can then be linked to information about the item, such as its location, quantity, and any other relevant details.

The system then updates the inventory records accordingly. The system also allows businesses to track the location of the items within the facility, which helps identify the location of the materials in real time. This improves the efficiency and accuracy of tracking materials, eliminating the need to manually search for items and reducing the chances of human error.

In addition, the Neo Scan system can be integrated with other software systems, such as accounting, inventory management, and order tracking systems. This allows businesses to access real-time inventory data and streamline their supply chain operations.

Neo Scan Plus

Neo Scan Plus is an advanced version of Neotel Technology’s Neo Scan, a solution for tracking and identifying incoming materials through the generation of unique 2D IDs. Using an AGV for transportation and an internally designed and installed robotics arm, the system automates the process, improving inventory management and accuracy while reducing human error. The AGV scans barcodes at the loading port, with the information sent to the Neo Scan Plus system within the workcell to generate IDs and update inventory records. This advanced workflow streamlines supply chain operations, providing real-time tracking data for manufacturers.

Overall, Neo Scan’s incoming material registration solution helps businesses to improve their incoming material management and material tracking process by providing accurate and real-time tracking data, increasing efficiency, and reducing human error.

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