incoming material registration
incoming material registration
incoming material registration

Intelligent Incoming Material Registration, Reel ID Issue


Incoming material registration

Neotel Technology’s Neo Scan is a solution that streamlines the tracking of incoming materials by generating unique 2D IDs for each item. Compatible with various barcodes from multiple suppliers, this system improves inventory management, increases accuracy, and reduces human error.

UID /Reel ID/Serial number

Unique Identification. A unique identification, or ID, is a system-specific identifier for an item, record or resource. Neo Scan assigns a 2D ID to incoming materials upon barcode scanning. This ID functions as a means of tracking and managing the material throughout the facility, linked to data such as location and quantity. The use of a unique ID allows for easy identification and location of materials, streamlining the tracking process.

How does Neo Scan work?

  1. Barcode scanning: Incoming materials are scanned using the Neo Scan system.
  2. Unique ID generation: The system generates a 2D identification number for the item based on the scanned barcode.
  3. Label printing: The generated identification number is printed on a label and applied to the material.
  4. Manual labelling:  The system generates a unique ID, and the label is printed and manually applied to the material.


  • High resolution vision system for material information recognition
  • ESD worktable
  • Height adjustable (electrical control)
  • Neo Scan software: material recognition, registry, new code building and printing
  • Barcode printer

Powered by SMF

SMF: Smart Material Flow. SMF suite is developed by Neotel Technology to streamline materials control, automation, and management. It includes: work order management, component profile, MSD tracker, connectivity.


SMF provides Connectivity module to users who wish to integrate Neotel product into own IT system. We have varied ways for system integration:
API: through predefined communication protocol like API, user IT system: MES/ERP likes can talk to Neotel SMF in a direct way.


Industry 4.0, Smart manufacturing, is becoming the new norm of electronics manufacturing. Traceability is the building of bloc of your future SMT line. With help of Neo Scan enable you to trace every step of your material distribution in your factory. History, Material Name, Reel info. Picture. all can be traced.