Boost Productivity with Neotel SMT Reel Storage System


At Neotel Technology, we appreciate the significance of proper and systematic storage for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) reels. That’s why we’ve crafted a cutting-edge SMT reel storage system that maximizes space, raises productivity and guarantees precision in the production process.

The Advantages of Our SMT Reel Storage System

Our storage system offers several advantages compared to conventional methods of SMT reel storage:

Amplified storage capacity: Our system allows you to store up to 50% more SMT reels in the same area, thanks to its sleek design and vertical orientation.

Superior organization: Each reel is allocated a designated location within the system, making it easy to locate and retrieve the specific reel you need.

High accuracy: With our system, there is no risk of mixing or misplacing reels, which can result in costly mistakes in the production process.

Greater efficiency: Our system enables swift and effortless retrieval of the required reel, saving time and augmenting productivity.

The Characteristics of Our SMT Reel Storage System

Our SMT reel storage system is designed with the following features to optimize its advantages:

Flexible storage options: Our system can be customized to meet your distinct storage needs, with the ability to store different sizes and types of SMT reels.

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