Hawkeye 2000

Hawkeye 2000 X-ray Component Counter The Hawkeye 2000 X-ray Component Counter, developed by Techvalley, revolutionizes SMD component counting with unparalleled accuracy and speed. This cutting-edge device supports efficient inventory management through automatic counting and ERP/MES integration, capable of detecting and counting various components like diodes, capacitors, and resistors. It features a user-friendly touch screen interface, […]

Assure X-ray component counter

Assure Xray Component Counter The Assure X-ray Component Counter revolutionizes inventory management within the electronics sector, offering unparalleled efficiency through its advanced X-ray technology. This system is engineered to deliver fast, precise counts of electronic components, ensuring optimal inventory levels are maintained, thus avoiding potential project delays. Its integration of automated reel barcode identification and […]

VJ Xray component counter

Neotel Xray Counter result

VJ GROUP VJT specializes in innovative X-ray imaging solutions, including industrial digital radiography (DR) and computed tomography (CT) systems, designed to meet the diverse needs of industries such as aerospace, defense, medical, and manufacturing. Their advanced technology enables precise quality assurance, supporting additive manufacturing inspection and offering automated inspection capabilities. With a focus on high-energy […]

Essegi Automation

close up photography of computer motherboard

About Essegi Automation Essegi Automation creates smart storage for electronic parts. They make custom systems to help SMT and THT assembly. Their tools reduce time lost in getting parts. They started with a team in 1994. In 2009, they made their first smart storage, the ISM. This system handles parts in a new way. Since […]

Totech: Smart Storage & Logistics

material tower

About Totech Totech specializes in handling and storage solutions for Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSD), offering a comprehensive range of dry storage solutions to maintain low, controlled humidity levels (<0.5%). Their products, designed to protect moisture absorbent materials such as electronic components, PCBs, nano fibers, and more, are vital in preventing water ingress and ensuring the […]

How to Understand the JUKI and Essegi Automation Partnership


JUKI and Essegi Automation: A Strategic Equity Partnership JUKI Corporation, based in Tokyo, and ESSEGI AUTOMATION S.r.l. (EA) from Italy, have united in a significant equity partnership. On July 31, 2019, JUKI agreed to buy 49% of EA, launching a joint venture to transform intelligent storage solutions. A History of Collaboration The alliance between JUKI, […]

UAB Etama Partners with Neotel Technology to Bring Smart Material Handling Solutions to the Baltic Region


Kaunas, Lithuania – 17th March, 2024 – UAB Etama, a leader in the wholesale of high-quality equipment and materials for electronics production and maintenance, is excited to announce a new partnership with Neotel Technology, an innovative provider of smart material handling solutions. This collaboration aims to distribute Neotel Technology’s advanced solutions across Lithuania, Latvia, and […]

Neotel Technology announces our participation in the productronica in Munich,Germany.

productronica munich

Get ready for an unforgettable showcase of groundbreaking technology! Neotel Technology Co., Ltd. is thrilled to announce our participation in the highly anticipated productronica in Munich,Germany.  Prepare to be amazed as we unleash our latest innovations and cutting-edge solutions at this prestigious global event. PRODUCTRONICA trade fair is renowned for bringing together the brightest minds […]

Essegi Automation’s pallet based storage system : A Comparative Insight

In the fast-moving electronics industry, every second and inch matter. Companies aim to boost operations, and the tech they use is vital. Managing SMT reels and tackling component shortages are now key in electronics making.This article contrasts Neotel Technology’s avant-garde SMD Box with the pallet based systems offered by Essegi Automation, underscoring the unique benefits […]