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Panasonic pick and place machine

Panasonic pick and place machine is well-known in the industry. They offer a wide range of SMT equipment, including pick-and-place machines, screen printers, and automatic inspection systems. These machines are used in electronic manufacturing to assemble printed circuit boards (PCBs). They can handle a wide range of components and can be integrated into automated production lines for high-volume manufacturing. These SMT equipment are used to place the electronic components on the PCBs; the components are soldered on the PCB; this process is called Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly.

Panasonic Connect Europe

In a bold move to stay ahead of the ever-evolving market, Panasonic Connect Europe GmbH, the new arm of the Panasonic Group, is taking the lead in B2B solutions. In a bid to make quick, decisive decisions and stay ahead of the game, the company is undergoing a major organizational shakeup. The new name reflects the company’s mission to bridge the gap between its customers’ operations and a brighter future.

With cutting-edge technology such as IoT, AI, and process management software, as well as a wealth of knowledge and expertise gleaned from years in the manufacturing field, Panasonic Connect Europe GmbH is poised to offer a wide range of advanced services to its customers. The company hopes to work together to build a better society and a more sustainable future by creating value and providing solutions to their challenges.

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