5 reasons to automate your SMT storage


Neotel SMD BOX is a combination of equipment and controls that handle, store, and retrieve materials with precision and speed driven by varying levels of automation. Systems range from single module automated systems to larger storage/retrieval systems, completely integrated into a manufacturing process.

Why to automate SMT storage? 5 Reasons!

1. Optimize space

Probably the greatest value of investing in an ASRS is the ability to store vertically without sacrificing accuracy and speed. This allows for a higher storage density, freeing up otherwise wasted floorspace. ASRS has helped many organizations avoid purchasing additional buildings or warehouses by getting more out of their current space. 

SMT storage
SMT storage

2. Flexibility

SMD BOX offers flexibility to companies both large and small. Never has this been more on display than during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ability to socially distance workers became critical to successful manufacturing and distribution operations. Automated systems allowed organizations to spread their labor force. It has proven to be effective across all industries – medical to military. ASRS has opened doors for companies to become more lean, fast, accurate, safe, and efficient.

3. Improve workforce safety

ASRS has the ability to vastly improve worker and employee safety for your organization. Various automated systems and tools can effectively take employees out of difficult working conditions. ASRS can access dangerous heights, uncomfortable temperatures, or tricky spaces to get the job done. If you’re concerned about employee safety in your warehouse or distribution center, ASRS can offer you a safe and functional solution.

4. labor costs

Another notable advantage of ASRS is labor savings. For example, picking goods is one of the most costly and labor-intensive processes for both warehouses and distribution centers. Automated picking systems have allowed organizations to minimize the amount of “touches” across a supply chain. So you’ll be able to reinvest in other areas of your company and other personnel roles that would otherwise be too costly.

5. Better inventory control

From carousels to vertical lifts, ASRS has helped organizations better utilize their total storage space while keeping track of inventory and maintaining a crucial level of accuracy. The integration of computer software into automated storage and retrieval systems has made ASRS far more efficient, accurate, and predictable. 

Time to Automate?

Automation is the future for many industries from manufacturing to retail and grocery. It’s been shown time and again to give our clients a clear, almost immediate return on investment. Thinking about an automated storage and retrieval system for your organization? Here are a few points to consider:

  • Do you have a high volume of loads being moved in and out on a daily basis?
  • Is storage density critical due to limitations on your space?
  • Do you have minimal processing, only storage and transport?
  • Is accuracy important; damage to any load would be very expensive.
  • Is production flexibility essential to your success?
  • Do you have high land costs in your area?
  • No limit on building height?

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