Neotel Smart Material Flow: intelligent SMT storage solution


Electronics production poses new challenges: the mismatch between production and material supply leads to long waiting time and workflow issues, lowers productivity, increased back orders. The automated storage solution (production intralogistics) appears to be coupled and interactional with many other functions within organization as its complexity is much higher than considering the production or intralogistics optimization solely.

The advent of Industry 4.0 technologies shows potentials to revolutionize the contemporary production and we see fundamental changes have occurred in material handling technology: inflexible automation systems have been displaced by modular, flexible technology that is ideally suited to the challenges of SMT storage
Neotel Smart Material Solution will help you:
• Automated Storage, Retrieval, Sorting (BOM specific), Sequencing
• Full control upstream and downstream from production
• Optimized inventory levels
• Inventory visibility, control and traceability
• Increased productivity

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smart material flow
smart material flow

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