Intelligent Solder Paste Handling Solution



SMD BOX SP is an automatic solder paste handling solution. Solder paste plays a critical role in SMT process and keeping its original character is important. Properly handling will reduce waste and eliminate the process risk.

Refrigeration Area

Solder paste is sensitive to the environment. Temperature is critical to its performance during use. SMD BOX SP has a refrigeration area to help use for properly storing them. 5-10 degrees C is required by most users.

Ambient Temp. Area

Solder paste must never be used cold. Solder paste must be allowed to reach ambient temperature before breaking the seal of the paste package. This typically takes four to six hours.  Solder paste release from AT area is programmable.


SMD BOX SP internal mixer can ensure an even distribution of any separated material throughout the solder paste. Speed and timing are controlled by the user.

Storing, Cooling, Ambient Temp.

Step1:Solder paste receiving
Storing 20%
Step2:Stored in the cooling area
Cooling 40%
Step3: Ambient temp. area
Ambient temperature Area 60%

Mixer, Release,Traceability

Step4: Solder paste mixing
Mixer 80%
Step5: Release to production line
Scheduled release 95%
Do not forget Traceability!
Traceability 100%

Solder paste handling guides

Handling solder paste is critical, and various well-known manufacturers have raised their guidelines for users, as seen on their website.

Solder paste handling guidelines from AIM

Solder paste handling guidelines from Kester

Solder paste handling best practices from Indium

Solder paste handling guides

  1. Temperature: Solder paste should be stored at a temperature of around 20°C (68°F) to 25°C (77°F). Higher temperatures can accelerate the deterioration of the flux, while lower temperatures can cause the paste to become too thick to use.
  2. Humidity: Solder paste should be stored in a dry environment with humidity levels kept at or below 60%. Higher humidity levels can cause the paste to become too wet and may cause corrosion or other issues.
  3. Light: Solder paste should be stored in a dark place, as exposure to light can cause the paste to degrade.
  4. Shelf life: Solder paste has a limited shelf life and should be used within the manufacturer’s recommended time frame to ensure optimal performance.
  5. Containers: Solder paste should be stored in airtight containers to protect against moisture and other contaminants.
"The SMD Box SP has revolutionized our solder paste handling process. It has made the process quicker, more efficient, and less error-prone. Automation has increased our production speed and reduced the chances of human error. The ease of use and maintenance have made it an integral part of our production line. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their solder paste handling process."
John Doe
SMT engineer

Benefits of SMD BOX SP: automated solder paste handling

Automation of solder paste management can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the SMT manufacturing process in several ways:

  1. Consistency: Automation can help to ensure that the correct amount of solder paste is dispensed consistently onto the PCB, which is vital for achieving a reliable and high-quality electronic assembly.
  2. Speed: Automation can significantly speed up the process of applying solder paste to the PCB, reducing the overall time required for the SMT manufacturing process.
  3. Accuracy: Automated solder paste management systems can precisely control the amount and placement of solder paste on the PCB, reducing the risk of errors and improving the overall quality of the electronic assembly.
  4. Repeatability: Automated systems can accurately repeat the same process multiple times, ensuring consistent results and improving the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.
  5. Reduced labour costs: Automation can reduce the need for manual labour, which can reduce labour costs and improve the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.