Neotel Technology Demonstrates Commitment to Safety and Sustainability with SEMI S2 and SEMI S8 Certification


Dear valued readers,

We are pleased to announce that Neotel Technology has successfully passed the certification audits for SEMI S2 and SEMI S8, two essential industry standards that provide safety and environmental responsibility guidelines in semiconductor manufacturing.

As a leading provider of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, Neotel Technology is committed to ensuring the highest levels of safety for its workers and protecting the environment through its manufacturing processes. The company’s compliance with SEMI S2 and SEMI S8 standards demonstrates its dedication to upholding these values.

SEMI S2 and SEMI S8 standards provide guidelines for the design, installation, and operation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and for the management of hazardous materials and waste generated during the manufacturing process. By complying with these standards, Neotel Technology has demonstrated its commitment to minimizing its operations’ environmental impact and protecting its workers’ health and safety.

At Neotel Technology, we are proud of our achievement in passing the SEMI S2 and SEMI S8 certification audits. We will continue to work hard to maintain the highest safety and environmental responsibility standards in the semiconductor industry.

Thank you for your continued support.


The Neotel Technology Team

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