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In March 2021, productronica China will be newly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center, with leading advantages in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent assembly and welding, intelligent logistics, big data and artificial intelligence and other related application fields. How can Neotel Technology be absent?

The old friend SMD BOX and its friends meet you in a brand new way with NEO Counter, NEO Light, NEO Scan, and NEO Station.


Users only need to simply place multiple trays of materials in the batching area, and the equipment can realize automatic material identification, location search and positioning, and automatic storage. When automatically out of the warehouse, only the user’s work order is needed, the equipment can store the materials in the batching area in the order of the station table, and the user can extract the materials in batches. Compatible with stock pans and waffle pans.

云料仓 Smdbox


NEO Counter

NEO COUNTER always provides users with accurate inventory and component quantity information. The equipment can greatly reduce the time for component stocking and inventory counting. The traditional approach is based on optoelectronic technology, and the factory requires a lot of labor, as well as multiple dispensing machines, and even takes days to obtain accurate inventory information. And NEO COUNTER through the new X-ray imaging technology, accurate inventory may only take a few seconds to obtain.

智能点料机 Neocounter
智能点料机 neocounter

NEO Light

An economical solution for material management, the light indicator design provides operators with functions including: picking and placing specific electronic materials, placing materials in designated locations, supporting PDA operations, and storing up to 1400 trays of materials.

智能料架 Neolight
智能料架 neolight

NEO Scan

The material registration system, NEO SCAN, can automatically identify barcode information from different suppliers, and according to the user’s requirements, extract the specific information, such as quantity, material number, quantity, production date, etc., and according to the user’s internal unique Code template requirements, regenerate and print out the QR code (unique code).

物料注册系统 Neoscan
Neotel at the Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition/productronica China 7

NEO Station

One programming can realize multiple process calls. Through simple programming,NEO Station only needs to import the picture information, and the user can realize the programming of the position of the circuit board. Helping you achieve efficient assembly, soldering, and even optical inspection! The WYSIWYG design concept helps users to achieve rapid programming, the entire steps will be displayed on the computer screen, and even there are various prompt information on the sample, the entire operation process becomes more simple. Users can also integrate optical systems to quickly locate problem points. NEO Station can quickly notify the user of the installation location through the laser projection device on the top, and at the same time, the intelligent feeding mechanism can ensure that the correct components or other tools required for assembly are delivered at the correct time. All of this helps an inexperienced operator get started with plug-ins or other assembly work right away.

智能组装工作站 Neoworkstation
智能组装工作站 neoworkstation

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展位号 boothnumber

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