container handling equipment
container handling equipment
container handling equipment

Container Handling Equipment, PCB, SMT Reel, Cable & Wire,
Automated Storage and Retrieval System



SMD BOX XLC is a container handling equipment, designed for container storage/retrieval automation. Automatic container handling ensures a rapid material flow and significantly enhances productivity.


Unlike SMD BOX SISO/MIMO/XLR system, XLC is container picking instead of piece picking. It employs an internal vertical life module to help users with container picking and putting. 

SMT reel

High volume reel storage is challenging. SMD BOX XLC allow users to put them into an ESD container and stored them in a controlled temperature area. It is a highly economical solution for SMT component storage. 

Cable & Wire

Cable/Wire is a critical material for automotive electronics and other industries. Properly managing these materials can ensure correct supply to production. SMD BOX XLC automate cable/wires handling, whatever their size, etc.


Control movement of electronics component in and out wherever stored at Neo Light/SMD BOX family is now realized. High data grain level material is achieved with the help of the traceability module in SMF. Component Reel ID, the counting images could be stored in the database for future verification.

Reporting system

Make smarter decisions with real-time dynamic reports that you can save and share with anyone. Keep key information at your fingertips with custom dashboards.


Smart Material Flow software provide seamless integration to your existing IT system, ERP/SCM/MES/WMS. Through our advanced Connectivity service users could get real time component usage information from feeders. Right SMD component, right feeder, right time is becoming possible!

SMF software

Neo Counter is powered by SMF software. SMF: Smart Material Flow is the software suite from Neotel Technology for controlling and automate electronics materials. It can cover all your materials needs: Materials receiving, Automated material storage/retrieval system, AGV control, Component counting, Kitting, etc