smt tower
smt tower




SMD BOX MIMO is a SMT tower, which can batch process SMT reel materials storage and retrieval operation. Users can load material with the help of a trolley or AGV to SMD BOX. SMT reels can be stored in the stacker to be supplied into the loading port of equipment.



MIMO: Multi-Input /Multi-Output, in another word, it is batch processing capability. Featured with MIMO mode, SMD BOX can batch process stacked SMT reels whether these are supplied from AGV or trolley. In practice, users can supply a large quantity of SMT reels to SMD BOX MIMO, materials than can be continuously loaded, stored in assigned locations without any interruption. 

Batch handling

Users can even request a group of SMT material by sending a job list/work order from MES to SMD BOX MIMO and the latter will supply you with the right quantity at the required time.Unlike SISOSMD BXO MIMO operations do not need operator assistance for material loading.


In the production process, whether it is for kitting, material replenishment, users only need to send Reel ID, Part number, even job list, work order, the SMT tower, SMD BOX, will unload required reels at the right time. The whole operation is automated, even autonomous with the help of SMF software.


AGV ready

AGV: Automated Guided Vehicle. AGV can help SMT manufacture realize unmanned transport operations for SMT reels, PCB, containers. SMD BOX MIMO provides a loading port for AGV connection purpose. AGV can supply or receive a group of SMT reels (in stacker) to/from the port and SMD BOX can then finish all material storage/retrieval automation.

AGV with material stacker

MSD tracker

MSD: Moisture sensitive devices. MSD control should be in line with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020B and IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C requirements. Without proper treatment of MSD, it will lead to quality failure. SMD BOX series not only provide user with tracking information but also automate material storage and retrieval even with the moisture barrier bag!

MSL control
MSL TimedegC/%RH
21 year<=30/60%
2a4 weeks<=30/60%
3168 hours<=30/60%
472 hours<=30/60%
548 hours<=30/60%
5a24 hours<=30/60%

Remaining Component monitoring

Production material can now be replenished with an automatic re-order system with the component level inventory monitoring from Neotel SMF. As currently loaded material in feeder locations get ‘low’ a pick request will be then generated. Smt tower will automate the material immediately.

Component Counts

Partly finished component is returned from the production line and it is important to update the component profile and know its latest quantity information. SMT tower system can receive information from Neo Counter, Xray Component Counter, developed by Neotel can seamlessly work together.

SMD components counting result by neo counter

Powered by SMF

SMF: Smart Material Flow. SMF suite is developed by Neotel Technology to streamline materials control, automation, and management. It includes work order management, component profile, MSD tracker, connectivity.  Production changeover affect your production output.Non-scheduled changeovers is due to material shortages in the floor. Eliminating these material shortages requires accurate stock levels and accurate information of component locations. 

neotel smf software


  • Batch processing capability
  • AGV ready
  • Material Info. recognition (1D/2D code)
  • No material pallet needed
  • MSD control and automation
  • 7,13,15-inch reel compatibility


SMF provides Connectivity module to users who wish to integrate Neotel products into their own IT system. We have varied ways for system integration:
API: through predefined communication protocol like API, user IT system: MES/ERP likes can talk to Neotel SMF in a direct way
What is API:


Application Programming Interface. Predefined communication protocol, with the help of API each system/software can communicate without the need to understand source code/database of the counterparty.Shared folder
Manual update:
User can define required SMT reels by REEL ID, part number, job list, etc with the predefined template in SMF software.