pcb storage
pcb storage
pcb storage

Intelligent PCB Storage System



SMD BOX HYBRID provides unprecedented flexibility for material management and PCB storage. It is capable to store various materials of different sizes, weight, etc.

Materials Type

Material like PCB, feeders, product modules, container can be stored and retrieved in automated way.

Vision System

The embedded vision system can read material code in 1D/2D format

Material type recognition

Object detection

Compact Design

SMD BOX HYBRID employs an internal robotics arm to maximize footprint usage. Tower like design allows the user to allocate storing material in a vertical way.


SMF provides Connectivity module to users who wish to integrate Neotel product into own IT system. We have varied ways for system integration:
API: through predefined communication protocol like API, user IT system: MES/ERP likes can talk to Neotel SMF in a direct way

Powered by SMF

SMF: Smart Material Flow. SMF suite is developed by Neotel Technology to streamline materials control, automation, and management. It includes: work order management, component profile, MSD tracker, connectivity.