incoming material registration
incoming material registration
incoming material registration

Automate Your Incoming Material Registration Process


Neo Scan Plus

Neo Scan Plus,  the incoming material registration station, works as SMT material receiving and relabeling work cell. It can receive stacked SMT reel from AGV. Material code in 1D/2D format recognized and new reel ID/serial number will issue. AGV can collect the stacked material from unloading port.

UID /Reel ID/Serial Number

UID stands for Unique Identification. In the world of the SMT industry, it is widely called Reel ID. A UID in the format of 1d/2d generated by your IT system like MES/ERP gives to your specific SMT reel before they entered a factory. Each UID is unique for each material distributed in the production line, warehouse, and keeps its identity separate from any other materials. UID/Reel is very helpful for material traceability.

AGV Ready!

Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, is turning into the new norm. Traceability is the building block of future SMT production. The incoming material registration station, Neo Scan Plus not only automates regular component receiving processes but also tracks every step of electronics material distribution on the factory floor: goods name, reel info., picture, etc,.


SMF provides Connectivity module to users who wish to integrate Neotel products into their own IT system. We have varied ways for system integration:
API: through predefined communication protocol like API, user IT system: MES/ERP likes can talk to Neotel SMF in a direct way.

Neo Scan Plus features

  • High-resolution vision system for material information recognition
  • AGV ready
  • Neo Scan software: material recognition, registry, new code building and printing
  • Material Code generation and printing, relabeling
  • Material sortation

Powered by SMF

SMF: Smart Material Flow. Neotel Technology develops SMF suite to streamline materials control, automation, and management. It includes work order management, component profile, MSD tracker, connectivity and many other modules.