Intelligent Solder Paste Handling System


Solder Paste

Solder paste is composed of metal solder particles and flux. The flux not only serves to clean the solder surface of impurities and oxidation, but also provides a temporary adhesive that holds the surface mount components in place. The solder powders used in solder pastes can vary in their chemical composition, using different material types and percentages depending on the needs of the board being soldered. Solder pastes are available in both leaded and lead-free versions to meet the requirements of the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive. Solder pastes are also classified according to the size of the metal particles that make up the solder powder. These particles must be spherical and can vary in size according to the type criteria specified in IPC J-STD 005.

Why Manage Solder aste

The complex combination of solder pastes requires certain properties to be successful. Without proper handling, there is a potential risk that the chemical components will begin to react before they are used. The solder paste must be thixotropic during the printing and component placement process. It must also maintain a certain level of tackiness to hold the component in place during reflow soldering. Solder paste goes through several handling and production processes. After shipping, the solder paste is stored and printed before being heated during the reflow process. Reflow involves four sub-processes: preheating, soaking, reflowing and cooling. At different stages, the chemical composition changes due to evaporation and melting of the alloy.

Unmatched Automation

SMD BOX SPC from Neotel Technology has revolutionized solder paste management. It has a fully automatic in/out function to seamlessly receive and store solder paste. Its advanced agitation function ensures the quality and effectiveness of solder paste. In addition, the automatic management function makes material control more convenient and efficient.

Seamless Integration

SMD BOX SPC can seamlessly integrate with customers’ MES and other systems to achieve better material control. Its related software or application is designed to be simple and easy to use, so users can quickly master its operation and easily achieve efficient management.

Timing Retrieval Management

SMD BOX SPC’s timing reservation feature enhances efficiency and material management. Users can reserve a retrieval time for solder paste, and the system prepares the paste at the scheduled time, thus greatly reducing the time for material finding and preparation. This timed retrieval method reduces human resource consumption and increases productivity. It also reduces unnecessary costs caused by mishandling or waste, resulting in better material management. With SMD BOX SPC, you can optimize your production process and increase efficiency.

Intelligent Control

The SMD BOX SPC makes operation easier with an advanced control and monitoring system. Users can easily set system parameters, perform timed retrieval and other operations through an intuitive interface. The system’s real-time monitoring function provides key information such as solder paste storage status and stirring condition to help users keep track of system operation.