smd storage
smd storage
smd storage

Smart SMD Storage Solution, Parallel Processing, AGV Ready



SMD BOX DCS is flexibility, scalable, and efficient intelligent electronic SMD storage tower. Multiple SMD BOX is connected physically connected through smart conveyor system, automated material handler, providing most comprehensive electronics components management solution for the market.

DCS mode

DCS: Distributed Control System. SMD BOX DCS is a scalable platform for smart material storage. Unlike a centralized controller operating all machines, our unique design allows each SMD BOX to have its own dedicated controller and work autonomously whilst SMF still governs all SMD BOX and monitors SMT material flow all the time.

Parallel Processing

Parallel processing is possible. SMT material receiving, and supplying could be processed at the same time. In the production process, whether it is for kitting, or material replenishment, users only need to send Reel ID, Part number, even job list, work order, SMD BOX will unload required reels at the right time. The whole operation is automated, even autonomous with the help of SMF software.


SMF provides Connectivity module to users who wish to integrate Neotel product into own IT system. We have varied ways for system integration:
API: through predefined communication protocol like API, user IT system: MES/ERP likes can talk to Neotel SMF in a direct way

AGV ready

AGV: Automated Guided Vehicle. AGV can help SMT manufacture realize unmanned transport operation for SMT reels, PCB, container. SMD BOX MIMO provides loading port for AGV connection purpose. AGV can supply or receive a group of SMT reels (in stacker) to/from the port and SMD BOX can then finish all material storage/retrieval automation.

MSD tracker

MSD: Moisture sensitive devices. MSD control should be in line with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020B and IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033C requirement. Without proper treatment of MSD, it will lead to quality failure. SMD BOX series not only provide user with tracking information but also automate material storage and retrieval even with the moisture barrier bag!